Backdoor Counseling

Backdoor Counseling

Meleah Miller, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Serving Minnesotans via Telehealth Mental Health Counseling

You are brave and courageous

Your courage brought you here

You have hope

You have energy for things to be different

Whether you agree, or vehemently disagree with the above statements,

I am here to help,

by holding


for you


to help you


how things can be different.

Don't resign, or settle in the meantime.

Sometimes cat videos and memes and even that amazing sneezing Panda video aren't enough to crack through the heaviness of this season.

I don't even want to call it "unprecedented" but we all know THIS- what we are navigating right now, is NOT what we know.

I know how

to create a space to

help you GROW

your mental health.

Backdoor Counseling exists to create a space for navigating and healing, for moving forward through whatever it is that's holding you back. Backdoor approaches utilize creative strategies alongside empirically validated best practices "front door" approaches in mental health.

Meleah is a Christian, which is a part of her spiritual self care. She understands that you may have different spiritual practices, and therapy will seek to meet you where you are. Regardless of your spiritual affiliation you are an inherently valued individual with great potential!

Specialties: Anxiety

Grief and Loss

Positive Parenting.

Backdoor Counseling offers therapy services for individuals, and couples via a telehealth platform