You are tired of wrestling with anxiety

Change is overwhelming and unsettling. Parenting your child is hard. You want to honor  their unique personality and support their needs through these challenges.  

Your anxiety gets in the way of your goals  

You are smart and savvy and have already worked hard to manage it on your own with your own resources

I am passionate about helping you untangle yourself from your anxiety

As you get untangled from your anxiety you will notice you: 

  • Experience less anxiety
  • Feel calmer
  • Notice and honor your needs
  • Are more intentional, making choices that support your values
  • Life feels more enjoyable and more meaningful 

Taking care of yourself is 

good for all

it is good for you, 

your family, 

your relationships, 

and all those around you

Welcome to Backdoor Counseling

Meleah Miller, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Serving Individuals, Couples and Families in Minnesota via Virtual Counseling

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You have begun to imagine how things can be different! 

This is an important step towards continued growth and feeling better. It takes courage to reach out and vulnerability to try something new. You may have tried therapy before with mixed results, and it’s time to try again. 

It is hard to find the therapist who is the right match. Being well matched increases the likelihood of a good outcome in therapy, so I offer a free 15 minute consultation so you can see if we would be a good match! 

These past years have forced us into so much change, that many of us are still recovering from these shifts. You are not alone! You may feel like you are relearning skills that you thought you’d figured out. It’s exhausting, I know. 

What you used to do doesn’t work, you are ready to learn new ways to approach your life and relationships. 

You have noticed that your life experiences are unique and that they have shaped you. Your story and all its ups and downs is yours,  and moving forward you have an opportunity to change things for the better

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