Couples Counseling

Love…is a task for two individuals…To some degree we have been educated  to work alone, to some degree , to work in a team or a group. We have generally had little experience of working two by two. 

-Alfred Adler

Do you resonate with this? Maybe you have done premarital counseling and now you find your relationship is feeling stagnant. Maybe you, like many couples, haven’t learned how to fight in a way that is productive. Perhaps you feel ignored by your partner, or feel like your needs are being met. 

Couples counseling is a great avenue to helping couples to better connect, to understand each other better, and to increase the satisfaction in your shared relationship. 

It creates a space where each member of a couple can be listened to and heard by a neutral third party. 

What Do We Do in Couples Counseling?

Couples Counseling begins with sharing your relationship story. From there, we move into the reason for wanting couples counseling at this moment in time. We identify the strengths and growth areas in your relationship. We explore how your life experiences have shaped you and how you show up in your relationship. You may be surprised by the impact that earlier life experiences with parents show up in your current relationship.

Practical, actionable tools are taught that you can use to deepen your connection and better understand each other. Communication skills may be taught to help you express yourselves in a way that you can hear what each other is saying better. Effective conflict resolution tools are also taught, to help you fight more productively. You may also learn how to identify a rupture in your relationship, so that you can more quickly repair that rupture and move forward. The goal of Couples Counseling is that your relationship is more enjoyable, life-giving, loving and respectful. 

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