Parenting Support

You want to raise a child who is responsible and a good contributor to society. Doesn’t that sound great? You are pretty sure that the other parents have things figured out- and so you feel alone in this big task. Maybe you wonder if you are up to the challenge of parenting and are feeling weary.

This era of screen time and technology immersion can be hard to navigate in a meaningful way. Maybe you have a very busy child- how are you supposed to manage your child’s schedule and connect with them at the same time?

Maybe you have raised one child a particular way, and you like the outcome- yet you notice that same approach doesn’t work with your other child.  You feel overwhelmed with what to try next. 

Children’s temperament and life experiences can vary immensely from one child to another. One can be easy-going and pleasing, another is demanding and unrelenting. Harder yet is that often, the temperament of our challenging child is similar to our own. When this happens conflict can increase and show up in power struggles. 

You can learn ways to approach parenting that empower you as a parent. Parenting support teaches you how to support your child through setting limits that respect both of you. 

It is therapy that offers you practical skills as a parent. With these skills you can meet their growing needs and your own. Your needs as a parent matter, too! 

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